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Taxi Oils & Lubricants Taxi Oils & Lubricants. Ever had a small oil leak while you were out working & had to buy oils or fluids from a petrol garage or worse still not had what you needed to top-up with? Buy your oils & fluids here & never run out again! If you don't see what you require here, we can probably source it anyway so give us a call! 0208 498 1912.
Taxi Parts Buy All Taxi Parts at Trade Prices! We have been to the top parts suppliers across the UK source the taxi parts that we sell here. We have a selection of both original and replacement parts. We have arranged the items in the categories below. Click on the category that you are interested in and then choose the type of vehicle that you want to buy the part for. Alternatively type the name of the part into the search box at the top right of the page and view the results. Although there are an increasing amount of parts listed here we can literally get any part for any taxi. If you don't see what you see here please call on 0208 524 7155 to get a price. Keywords: Metrocab Spares Cab Spares Taxi Spares
Taxi Driver Accounts Books & Log Sheets Taxi-Mart taxi driver weekly accounts books. We didn't rate the other accounts books on the market so we designed our own! A stylish & tough laminated cover will help this to look tidy for the whole year! One page for each week of the year where you can list your weekly expenses. Add up week by week to get your yearly total.
Taxi Receipt Pads Taxi Receipt Pads are very important items that every cab driver must have readily available at all times. Whether you are a licensed London black cab or an independent minicab driver, Taxi-Mart has taxi receipts pads that are the best on the market. Place an order for over 1000 taxi receipt pads and you can have them printed with your own logo for added professionalism. Call us on 020 8498 1912 for a quote on personalised taxi receipts pads. In the mean time, take a look at the options below.
London Taxi Identifiers Taxi Driver License Identifiers. Buy the pouches that stick to your windscreen in which you put your London Taxi Identifiers either green or yellow badge drivers!
Coin Holders & Coin Dispensers Keep your Money Safe with a Taxi Driver Coin Dispenser You work hard for your money so making sure it is always safe and organised is important. A taxi driver coin dispenser can do just that. At Taxi–Mart we have 3 different types of taxi coin holders all of which are extremely popular with UK and London taxi drivers. Easy to use and professional looking, these taxi coin dispensers will stop you having to search high and low for loose change. Take a look at what we have on offer below.
Cab Driver Money Bags At Taxi-Mart we have a large selection of top quality cab driver money bags which are specifically suited to taxi drivers. There is nothing more important than keeping your hard earned money safe and secure, which is exactly what taxi driver money bags do. Made from durable leather, these cab driver money bags can be used to store spare cash and daily takings. Take a look at our extensive range and pick your favourite. You will be hard pushed to find better quality taxi driver money bags anywhere else.
Cab Driver's Starter Packs Knowing what you will and won’t need to make life as a taxi driver a lot easier can be hit and miss. Forget an essential item and you could be in trouble. This is why at Taxi-Mart we have located some of the best taxi items available on the market and put together our own unique taxi driver starter packs. As we are taxi experts, we know what you will need and what you won’t. All of these items are available individually on our website but by buying them as a pack you will receive a 10% discount on the price. Take a look at the options available and read on for more information on what is included in each taxi driver starter pack.
London Drivers Items We have a few things here specifically for London Drivers, these include driver's bill holders & badge holders in genuine leather.
Taxi Roof Lights Quality acrylic taxi rooflights manufactured by the UK's largest supplier. All of these roof lights are fitted with lighting, roof magnets with rubber covers and power cables.These taxi rooflights can be supplied with both normal and LED lighting. If you do not see a sign which meets your requirements, please let us know and we will create a sign to your specifications. Due to the fact that we offer both free postage and free lettering, if you need to return your light for any reason other than the fact that it was damaged in transit or that we supplied it in error, we reserve the right to make a £20.00 charge for all roof lights returned. Keywords: Top Lamp Top Light
Drivers Essentials If you find yourself shopping around various websites or high street shops looking for taxi driver essential items without much luck then give Taxi-Mart a try. We have located the best and most requested items from top suppliers at home and abroad. We have everything all under one roof – door edge guards, non slip mats, vomit cleaning kits – the lot. What’s more, if you still cannot find what you are looking for, simply email us at Taxi-Mart and we will try and locate the item for you on your behalf. There is no need to look anywhere else for taxi driver essentials.
Taxi Wind Deflectors Taxi wind deflectors will keep the inside of your taxi dry whilst you have the windows open, are stylish & will personalise your taxi! Wind deflectors are in two types, with or without chrome trim on the edge!
Taxi Stickers We sell quality stickers in all shapes and sizes for your cab. We also give discounts for bulk purchases, so get a bulk order together and email us with your requirements and we will give you our best price. If you do not see what you require please email and we will do our best to find what you want. Keywords: No Smoking Signs Feet On Seats Feet Off Seats Window Signs
Intercoms Original Wolf Intercom Systems, PCO approved for London. The Wolf London Taxi intercom system was designed to offer hands-free communication between the driver of and the separate rear compartment. We can now offer a kit for all Eurocab taxis too!!!
Forged Note Detectors With money hard to earn there is nothing as irritating as taking a forged note. The forged note detectors and detector pens that we have sourced will definitely help.
No Smoking Products Please browse this category for all 'No Smoking' products. All taxi vehicles should by law carry 3 no smoking stickers so we have everything from the obligatory 70mm no smoking stickers to no smoking tax disc holders.
Steering Wheels In this section there is a great range of both replacement original steering wheels and wood or wood leather steering wheels for most LTI Fairway, LTI Fairway Driver, LTI TX1, LTI TX2 and LTI TX4 cabs.
Taxi Carpets We buy from all of the top suppliers and sell on to you at trade prices. All carpets and carpet packs are PCO approved for London and as such will be acceptable everywhere else in the UK.
Taxi Hubcaps Quality replacement hubcaps for your cab. We have sourced quality replacement hubcaps for all LTI taxis including LTI Fairway Driver taxis, LTI TXI taxis, LTI TXII taxis & LTI TX4 taxis. We also have hubcaps for late Metrocabs and TTT Metrocabs. The LTI price for these is over £70.00 per set. Our wheel trims are just as good but a whole lot cheaper! We now also sell Mercedes Vito wheel trims for your cab!!
TXII Electrics We sell a kit here which is more commonly known as the 'mazie box' repair kit. It fixes a common problem on the TXII taxis where the windows stop working.
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