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Taxifix Liverpool - The Most Experienced Taxi Dealership In England

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About Taxi-Fix Liverpool:
Our aim is to offer a one-stop-shop for all your taxi needs. We are a main dealer for LTI (London Taxis International) and we also have a huge stock of used taxis to suit your budget. Taxifix is a one-stop-shop for all your taxi needs. They are a main dealer for LTI (London Taxis International) and also have a huge stock of used taxis to suit your budget. They offer competetive finance options on new and used taxis and they also have a specialist Accident Advice department and huge LTI parts division.

Taxi Sales:

New or Used? Taxifix are the most experienced LTI dealership in England. New TXII's start from only £109 per week. All Approved Used Taxis come with a generous warranty that guarantees you will enjoy years of trouble-free driving in your new cab. Taxifix pick only the best used Taxis, and subject them to a series of comprehensive checks before releasing them for sale to customers.

Taxi Finance:

With over 40 years experience in the taxi finance market you can be sure that Taxifix understand your business. Taxifix offer: Hire Purchase, Vehicle Finance, Cab and Plate Finance, Car and Plate Finance, Equity release from your Cab and Plate, Driver to Driver. Remember, Taxifix talk taxi.

Taxi Parts:

Taxifix carry the largest stock of genuine LTI parts in the northwest. If they don't have the part you need then Unipart, LTI's distributor, has the part with them within 24 hours. How's this is achieved? Because, Taxifix invested in Unipart's Unidial system several years ago, which allows them to tap into Unipart's own computer system and place the order directly on their system, thus ensuring a 24 hour response delivery.

Taxi Service:

The Taxifix Service and Mechanical Divisions are testament to the Company's commitment to its Customers, they are dedicated in getting a cab back on the road at all costs. Taxifix of all people realise that time off the road means loss of earnings and so their priority has always been to limit the "downtime" as much as humanly possible. Taxifix have built up their reputation of giving a service unrivalled in the cab trade. Taxifix offer a "while you wait" menu priced servicing with a turn round time which can be as little as thirty minutes. Most importantly, they won't keep you waiting any longer than necessary for that service appointment.

Accident Advice:

When accidents happen, you are going to need someone you trust to help out. We can provide a full accident management service for you and your passengers.


  • No win no fee
  • No need to go through your own insurers for repairs
  • No excess to pay
  • Approved credit repairers only used
  • Replacement Hire Hackney Cabs and cars available (During repairs)
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Physiotherapy arranged privately
  • Taxifix claim your loss of earnings


Taxi Insurance:

Let Taxifix help us find you the very best cover you need. With their 40 years experience in the Taxi trade, they will help you source the very best Insurance quote for your needs.

Company: Taxifix Ltd

Phone Number: 0151 482 5101
Main Address:
Taxifix Ltd
Hilbre House
151 Great Howard Street
L3 7DL

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