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The Taxi-Mart website regularly features lots of taxis for sale in the Birmingham area. Most of the different types of vehicle currently licensed across the country are used as taxis in the Birmingham area. Therefore we often have Fairway Driver taxis, LTI TX1, LTI TX2 and LTI TX4 taxis for sale. Metrocab taxis were historically made in Tamworth and although new vehicles are not made any more second hand Metrocab Series 3 taxis and TTT Metrocab taxis are often found for sale on our website.

Recently Peugeot E7 taxis and Mercedes Vito taxis have been licensed for use in Birmingham and these taxi vehicles are also often listed for sale on the Taxi-Mart website. Along with Peugeot & Mercedes, Fiat vehicles are now converted into taxis and Fiat Scudo Eurocab taxis are often to be found in the ’Taxis for Sale’ section of the website.

Many of the taxis for sale in Birmingham such as the LTI TX1 taxi, the LTI TX2 and the LTI TX4 taxi are known as ‘London’ taxis. This is because the taxis were originally designed for London and the company that has recently designed and sold these taxis is known as London Taxis International. We always have various different London taxis for sale on the site.

Another way of describing the traditional type of taxi is as a ‘Black Cab’ or ‘Black Cab Taxi’ these taxis can also be found in the ’Taxis for Sale’ section of the website.

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