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There are now many different alternatives to buying the original purpose built London taxi. These purpose built taxis are coachbuilt from various different base vehicles. The Peugeot Expert, the Citroen Despatch and Fiat Doblo being just three of many. After conversion these vehicles re-appear as the Peugeot E7 taxi, the Fiat EuroCab and the Doblo EuroCab. There are however quite a few more vehicle converters and buyers report that there can be a massive difference in finish quality so choose wisely. Also the vehicles come in many different configurations including, Hackney, EuroCab, Eurotaxi, MPV taxi and so on. In this section UK taxi manufacturers explain a little more about the choices on offer.

LEVC New Electric Taxis
LEVC are the manufacturers of the new TXE electric taxi.LEVC New Electric Taxis
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